Indiana Department of Correction Watch

The Indiana Department of Correction Watch (IDOC Watch) exists to be in solidarity with prisoners. This means we correspond with and and foster camaraderie with people who are incarcerated in Indiana, expose abusive conditions and treatment, and fight policies and initiatives that further isolate, marginalize, and harm prisoners. We seek to uplift prisoners’ voices and struggles (check out our blog!), and educate the masses about prisons, generally, as well as specific issues we are fighting.




Re-entering society can be one of the hardest experiences for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. We have a re-entry fund that we use specifically for our comrades coming out of prison. The fund is shared on our social media with information regarding specific people coming out of prison, but any donation to the general fund will go toward our comrades fighting against the prisons that once held them captive.


Toy Drive.png

2017 was our first annual holiday toy drive. We sent presents to 83 (!!!) children on behalf of their incarcerated loved one. 11% of children in Indiana have or had a parent who is or was incarcerated at some point during their life, making Indiana the state with the second highest percentage of children harmed by parental incarceration. Prisons tear families and communities apart, and IDOC Watch is striving to mitigate the genocidal effects of taking people from their communities as much as we can.