Why Strike? Shining Light on Abuse at WVCF

by Shaka Shakur

I have initiated a hunger strike as of the morning of 11/3/17. I’ve missed 5 meals as of 11/4/17 at 7 pm. I’m not drinking any fluids at this point. I’m going to ride this out and push it until my issues are addressed by someone with the authority to do so and who is serious about resolving such before I pick up more charges. 

[Shaka received an issue of the San Francisco Bay View on a Thursday that had a an article published by IDOC Watch about him,] and that following Tuesday starting at 11:20 pm my toilet started flushing "by itself” every 10-15 minutes until 9/10 am. The next morning maintenance came down and “fixed it.” Yep. Flushing repeatedly for 8 to 9 hours straight! Sleep deprivation. Same 'ol nonsense.

Part of those issues are what I sent y’all under “Conditions of Confinement.” The other is I shouldn’t still be held on this unit where the incident of August 31 took place, whether they choose to transfer me or not. The ongoing confrontations are only going to continue to escalate and more bogus charges produced. 

I was informed by a sgt. that supposedly while “inventorying” my property they found a 4 inch piece of sharpened plastic, supposedly 1 1/2 inches in width concealed inside a bar of soap. Huh?? Now after the August 31 incident, my property was thoroughly searched, if not x-rayed. Then again on 9/15/17 (on camera) it was again thoroughly searched and either time this item wasn’t discovered. Not to mention when the 3 of us got our property back some of it was mixed together and staff can be observed on camera redistributing/returning peoples’ property.

Hunger strikes done in darkness never succeed. The light has to shine and the reasons for the strike be exposed. This is just another reason why I should be moved off this unit. I came over on this part of the unit and was stripped naked on camera and placed in a camera cell. I’ve had no physical contact with anyone and all my movement is on camera and more importantly, I haven’t had access to any material, plastic or otherwise. There are just points to be articulated.

In Solidary & Struggle, 


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IDOC Watch