Shaka Shakur transferred out of Indiana - Please call in!!


Shaka Shakur, longtime Indiana political prisoner, was recently transferred out of state from the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. He has been told, and it is abundantly clear, that his transfer was intended to silence him and remove him from any possible influence he may have on fellow prisoners. By "influence", the DOC means his ability to inspire others to educate themselves and stand up for their rights.

Shaka's transfer was carried out in violation of due process, he was not provided with a hearing, as is required, nor was he informed of where he would be going. Now he is cut off from his family and supporters and is currently being denied his medication.

We urge supporters to call the IDOC and make them aware that Shaka Shakur did not receive due process, and inquire about the path necessary to his return to Indiana. What policy is being followed for his return? How long will he be out of state? None of this is currently known.

Please Call:
IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter
(317) 232-5711


Classification Director
Jack Hendrix
(317) 232-2247

Sample Script:
"I am calling regarding Shaka Shakur #135647 who was recently transferred out of state from the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I am concerned that Mr. Shakur was not given proper notification nor was he provided with adequate due process. When can we expect that Mr. Shakur will return to Indiana? What are the policies and procedures that determine an inmates out of state status? I believe that Mr. Shakur was unfairly and unjustly removed from Indiana without his consent."

If they deny you information because you are not family, just ask general questions about he Interstate Compact and what the policies and procedures are and how one can find out more information. Please report your finding back here, we would greatly appreciate the information.

Update 1/26:

We got word that Shaka is receiving medical care now at his current location. We are still learning the ins and outs of the Interstate Transfer system but one thing is clear: the IDOC is responsible for his well-being no matter where he is incarcerated, whether in Indiana or out of state. The calls likely resulted in the IDOC making maneuvers to pacify the blow-back. So thank you very much for making the calls and we'll keep you updated.

Read Shaka’s recent article in the San Francisco Bay View, “Reawakening a Sleeping Giant,” about the history and contemporary struggles of the Indiana prison movement, here.

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