Urgent Call-In: Shaka Shakur Facing Medical Neglect and Policy Violations

Please call and email Virginia Department of Correction Chief of Corrections Operations A. David Robinson and demand that the issues that Shaka Shakur (#1996207) has raised with his medical problems, property loss, and job placement, be addressed immediately and directly with Mr. Shakur

Sample Script:

“Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Shaka Shakur, #1996207, to demand that the issues Mr. Shakur has raised in multiple letters and inquiries to VDOC officials and staff regarding his medical problems, visitation, property loss, and job placement, be addressed immediately and directly by Mr. Robinson with Mr. Shakur.”


(804) 887-8078

From Shaka:

Here is the issues.
1) i'm classified as Interstate corrections compact prisoner. i'm suppose to be allowed to do programs and to have a job.
i applied for vocational drywall and the supervisor pushed my application into the system. the application suppose to go to a guy name Vancampen who is institutional program manager and responsible for processing these applications, signing off on them etc. No action has been taken by him and no response to any of my letters or inquiries to him about such.
2) i put in an application to work as an aide or clerk in the institutional library. i spoke to the lady supervisor, who stated that she was interested in hiring me, but that she had have me approved to be scheduled for an interview first. once gain Vancampen is responsible for scheduling the interviews and once again i cant get an interview. im being blocked. Why?
3) As an Interstate Compact Prisoner arrangements suppose to be made that will allow me to have a video visit with my friends and family. My grandmother recently passed and the funeral was video taped, im suppose to be allowed to watch that. Once again no response to inquiries, and once again no orientation as to the rules, policies or procedures on this issue. I wrote the chaplain to ask about the policy and procedure for viewing the video of my grandmother funeral and didn't receive a response.

3) On the visiting situation its suppose to be some kind of accommodation becuz I didn't ask to come out here and it has to be stipulations in that contract and from what I'm being told that is suppose to be how it go for ppl from out of state. They have video visits.
4) My medical situation. A nurse, Carol, is suppose to be over medical records and the one who were suppose to send for and retrieve my medical records from Indiana. I was told by the head nurse practitioner that I was being put in to see a neurologist. This was going on two months ago. I haven't been told whether this has been approved or not. I'm sending in another inquiry today to see if I get a response.
5) Lastly this TV situation. I came out here with a 15 in RCA flat screen TV that they either loss or gave to someone else. After lying and playing games for six weeks about not having it, they finally admitted they couldn't find it. They issued me a "loaner" TV, and was suppose to replace my own with a REISSUED one.
They then told me I could have the loaner as a replacement. The problem with that is the loaner is defective, the screen goes blank when it gets hot and all of the buttons don't work. Plus it isn't legal becuz it was never put in my name. When you loan a person something it means they have to return it. On three separate occasions I have spoken personally to this warden Hamilton who said he was going to correct the situation and didn't. I've written the man three times and no response. Dude has just straight up lied to my face. By policy I'm entitled to a replacement/reissued TV of equal quality or greater, but not lesser to my own. And I'm entitled to paperwork in my name making it legal, so if I'm moved I don't have to go through all of this bs all over again. They playing games  and giving me the run around and I'm tired of dealing with it.

This dude David Robinson is suppose to be second in command under Director Clarke. Can we see what we can get done on these issues? I'm tired of this sh..!

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