Impossible! - by Eli NAIM


To Soberly Walk an apartment

hallway Seeing different mats on the floor

Without even a notion that your

on the wrong floor

                           To approach the wrong


Still thinking it's yours!


You say you saw the door was open

after pulling out your key

But the spring system makes the

doors close automatically!

2 witnesses say they heard you knock

and demand to be let in.

Seconds later the shooting begins!

The story you spin,



For the door to be open and for

me to look inside,

to see another man's apartment and

not know it's not mine!

The furniture, different floor, different

door all combine to make this officers

statement asinine

                        You shoot two times!

Boom Boom!!!

You murdered that man in his living room!

(A bowl of cereal, full of milk on the

dining room table)

You said it was dark!

Who eats cereal in

      the dark?!?

Anyone unbiasley smart

                              will remark

This is impossible!

The detectives get a warrant to search

the victims house for a crime.

"I thought he was a burglar"

Same way they did Trayvon!

Criminalize the victim they do it every


It must be protocol!

   for the officers to shoot tear gas at the

peaceful protest they saw,

        the law remains above the law!

What if it was me?!?

   If I shot her in her living room would

I still be free?!?

Would I be charged with manslaughter

or murder one?

Would I still be employed, still allowed

to carry a gun?!?

What do you think?

Do you believe the absurdity of

this story is unique?

Take all of the Africans killed

by police with explanations


                 "I thought he had a gun!"

                 "He resembled a suspect!"

                 "I was on the wrong floor!"



R.I.P. good brother.

Justice for Botham Jean!!


Eli NAIM is currently incarcerated in the Indiana Department of Correction

IDOC Watch