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Current IDOC efforts to restrict materials

We have already seen restrictions increasing on material access behind bars in Indiana and other states such as Pennsylvania. The Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) has implemented restrictions on books and other resources at facilities including Westville, Indiana State Prison, and Miami that require materials be new and directly from only two vendors, one of which is Amazon. All other reading materials must be purchased through the tablets.

In December, IDOC facilities will be switching over to Globel Tel Link (GTL), which will provide tablets with limited resources available at exorbtiant costs. Some example fees include that the podcasts available for inmates will cost $9/month, and GTL will charge $9.95 for video visitation services.GTL expects to generate $6.5 million annually with the tablets in Indiana prisons. IDOC will collect $750,000 annually and is remaining silent about how this revenue will be spent.

GTL plans to monopolize inmate communication and literature. If we don't act now, IDOC will feel comfortable expanding this restrictive policy to all prisons in the state and effectively ending used and new book donations to inmates in favor of inaccessible, limited resources. This amounts to very clear form of state censorship and suppression of political education for individuals who are incarcerated in our state.

Education for Abolition!

We need your continued support for getting reading materials to folks on the inside that actually pertain to their needs and interests. With these funds, we will order and send books that focus on fighting against mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex along with providing the theory and history of prison abolition and struggles against the carceral system, as well as ones that engage larger questions of race, gender, class, and capitalism, to our comrades on the inside who will form study circles and share these books with other inmates. Once we have the funds to order books again, we will be forming study groups on the outside to facilitate an exchange of ideas between people in the abolition movement inside and outside the prisons' walls. We need around $500/month to send books to 20 people each month.

Please consider sustaining a monthly donation for this project. Check out our website for responses written and recorded by incarcerated IDOC Watch members for the Abolition Study Sessions we organized in 2018.

Books on our list include:

Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun with books from Abolition Study Sessions in 2018

Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun with books from Abolition Study Sessions in 2018

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