A Message from Brotha Abdul-Wasi (Myron Walker)

Eyes Wide Open:

(The story of Brotha Abdul- Wasi) (In-Transition)

aka Myron Walker

Revolutionary Greetings to All the Masses!

Almost a solid year ago I was blessed to cross paths with Indiana’s Political Prisoner prison activist Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun. We embraced each other peacefully, him being a devoted Sunni muslim. I got him assigned in the cell with me. We have had a lot of mature useful moments and, being muslim, we are growing in our religious way to the Sirat al-Mustaqîm. Every day with the Bro. Khalfani we were reading, learning more about the Deen as well as one another. I have taken a liking to learning about activism which has been a very unique experience. God has truly been tryna tell me something living in a cruel, painful, nasty dirty dirty world we have been subjected to.

While God knows I haven’t spent 30 years in a prison cell, 6 years has been way too long for me. As my release draws near, it is incumbent on me as a 25-year-old. By Allah’s grace I will be released still young and healthy. My transition home worries me a little. “Why?” you may wonder! Being young, healthy, handsome, determined to win, no kids to raise- what could there be to worry for?

I have no meaningful financial support. Nor do I own a car, a house or apartment to go to. No employment lined up. Not to mention I sincerely need a safety net, like a network to help aid in making my adjustment as easy as possible.

MY EYES ARE WIDE OPEN, and in order for me to not become a statistic added to the skyrocketing recidivism rate in America, I have absolutely no choice than to solicit the outside support needed to stabilize my life.

I call on you Comrades from the activist community to embrace (Wasi). Please reach out to me and the Comrades of IDOCWatch, an organization that I am a new member of who will be designated to receive any financial or any other donations that can help me survive in society.

My own family who was once closely knitted, are now fragmented and distant. I HATE being in prison with a passion. Embrace my call what you can do for me.

Immediate Support

I was unfortunately served a conduct report for unauthorized financial transaction. Not having any money to buy food/hygiene products, my mom was trying to send me money from a friend. They said it was not authorized. This report caused me to be kicked out of a time cut program in school. I was traumatized by this incident because I had just got accepted back into the G.E.D. program one week prior.

Being the Comrade Khalfani Malik Khaldun is, he stepped right up and filed my appeal- and we won the appeal. I was immediately admitted right back into school. Allah helped us in that situation. Anybody looking to help me can do this:

  • Help to set up a Gofundme.com to raise some funds to help me get started once I am finally a free man!

  • Help me purchase a cell phone so that I can be reached by anyone wanting to contribute.

  • Help me seek meaningful employment until I can navigate in search of a job if I had transportation, because transportation is a must.

  • I will need someone to help me set up a personal website so that I can publish my essays and my poetry on my site. I will slowly advertise my entire struggle on this site.

My Release Plan

  1. In the city I return to I must get connected to a local Islamic Mosque and the community of Muslims.

  2. Get reconnected with my Queen mama, sister, brothers

  3. I will get involved in the work that IDOCWatch is doing to help prisoners inside Indiana Department of Corrections.

  4. Secure me a decent apartment and furniture, God willing I will secure me a beautiful muslim woman to eventually be my wife.

May 2nd, 2018

Being on Lockdown for a Few Inmates’ Actions

Hello my name is Myron Walker, also known as Bro. Abdul-Wasi. I am a 25-year-old young black man who has been locked up since 2013 inside the walls of these slave plantations.

Struggling and fighting my way home, I was convicted on a burglary charge that is classified as a “violent crime” but that is so far stretched from the truth it doesn’t make sense. My family support system is little to none. My mother was there for me and still is, just not like she’d like to. She is sick from lupus. I miss my beloved Momma so much I haven’t physically seen her since October of 2013 when I first arrived to prison.

Prison has changed me mentally, physically, and spiritually in ways I would’ve never thought affect me. I have been through Hell. What has really made it hard for me is the lack of outside support. This place has affected me tremendously, making it hard to ask for help, explaining myself, articulating what I’m trying to say. It is not easy.

Wabash County Correctional Facility is one of the many oppressive facilities in Indiana that I can’t stand. April 23, 2018, everyone was out at rec when the officers instructed us to lockdown, not explaining why. So during this process of being on lockdown I have been starving due to the lack of food. I didn’t have any commissary coming prior to going on lockdown and these state trays are disgusting- the type of garbage I wouldn’t feed my dogs.

Since we’ve been on lockdown, these correctional officers have came in with the E-Squad or SERT-Team to shake the whole dorm down. They showed no courtesy when these pigs shook our cell down. Me and my celle’s belongings were dumped in piles together mixing our mail, clothing, hygiene, books, and any other miscellaneous item we possessed. It was stressful, exhausting being in a little bitty old cell the size that amounts to the size of a bathroom with another grown man makes it even more stressful to deal with. And when I came into my cell one of these police had turnt my TV on country music. I felt like come on now don’t be touching my shit that’s nowhere near part of your shakedown procedure. If you don’t like what station I have it on turn my TV off period!

This is now the 7th day I’ve spent on lockdown. They have passed out commissary restricted forms so we can’t order any food or regular hygiene. And we found out they put us on “LD” for too many knives being found during shake downs.

I am in education tryna finish up my GED. I am striving my best to stay out of trouble. I hate this boring, corruptive, Kapitalist, cruel system. I am being punished for other individuals’ actions. This lockdown process slows me down from studying for when it’s time to take the test. I could’ve been doing so to see if I’ve passed my GED test. The struggle is real. I am calling for some love and light to be brought my way- any Comrade wanting to help contribute to my struggle please send me a pizza, an Angus burger, and a pop with some cookies. They have a variety of selections you can choose from.

The website is called ICAREGifts.com. Once you go on there everything should be easy to figure out. All I have to rely on is my Comrades who know Bro. Wasi so hey, send me some letters, pictures, and inspired love-felt words of encouragement and enlightenment. It would help. I am on my way transitioning back into society. I don’t know what it’s like nowadays, the latest trends in music, fashion, cars, technology, etc. I’ve been damn near shut off from the real world since 2012. I enjoy reading self-help books. Although I have not been much of a reader, if I get some books sent to me it will motivate me even more to read more. Books I am trying to finish reading up now are The Struggle Within by Dan Berger that I’ve taken notes on and my new book Ima read is Resistance Behind Bars by Victoria Law, then Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Y. Davis. Other books I am interested in are books like autobiographies, health books- one new one I just heard about is called Southern Modified written by Chef Jernard Wells and actress Denise Boutte. It is a book about southern-inspired dishes modified for today’s healthier lifestyle. Others like Black Dibiase by Ramon Sloan, Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, and Rest in Power by Sybrina Fulton and T. Martin. These prisoncrats need to know our families care about us. All IDOCWatch Comrades, they have us Comrades along with the fellow inmates suffering for a few inmates’ actions. Send your Solidarity.

Da justice system is only a fixture of fiction to fashion an action against people like myself of poverty

IDOC Watch