Wabash Valley Violates Policy to Suppress Hunger Strike


Update: We have learned that Wabash Valley from day one moved swiftly to repress the strike. On Monday morning Internal Affairs ordered a lieutenant on the SHU to file disciplinary reports against the hunger strikers. IA is charging these inmates with a class B violation "Inmate Demonstration/Work Stoppage" and claims that social media posts led them to this determination. What this amounts to is a flagrant violation of policy by IA and Wabash Valley. It is within the stated rights of inmates to refuse meals and further they cannot be charged with disciplinary action for the work of supporters on the outside.

Administration has however agreed to finally give the promised medical treatment to Kwame Shakur currently housed on the SHU. The struggle to unfreeze his JPAY account is however ongoing, as is the case with any other inmates who face similar censorship.

Administration has also taken the concerning measure of removing cameras from the pod where the strikers are located. There is reason to believe that guards are attempting to provoke Kwame Shakur in order to do serious bodily harm to him without being filmed. The situation is worrisome on many levels.

We now ask that when people make their calls they make known their awareness that Wabash Valley has violated policy to suppress the strike by writing up inmates for something which is within their rights to do. At this point the inmates will be suspending the hunger strike and move towards pushing back on these policy violations.

Wabash Valley Warden Richard Brown | (812) 398-5050
Commissioner Robert Carter | (317) 232-5711
Governor Eric Holcomb | (317) 232-4567

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