Report on the Recent Extended Lock Down at Miami Correctional Facility & the Prison Authorities' Plans

Officials here at Miami Correctional Facility are seeking to create a majority lock down facility on its phase two side. Currently they are working to transform five of its eight units on that side of the facility into a 23/1 lock down unit where the prisoners housed in these units will receive only one hour of recreation a day and spend the rest of the time in their cells. These units will officially be called idle units and any prisoner at the facility who does not currently have a prison job in a vocational class or G.E.D program will be subjected to being placed in these units. The fact that this facility houses roughly 3300 prisoner and there are less than a 1000 positions that are available to avoid being placed in this idle status means that many prisoners will find themselves classified as idle simply because there are not enough available slots for everyone who qualifies to be in a program, hold a job, or be in vocational courses. I have discovered that one of the ways they are trying to get around this obvious fact is by manipulating the disciplinary process to make it appear as if prisoners have committed serious rule violations to justify them being placed on idle status. Recently, in April, the commissioner issued an executive directive that changed 'Interfering with count' and 'Interfering with Staff' from minor rule violations to major violations. Now if you are late securing in your cell they can give you a major write-up that subjects you to the loss of good time and idle status. The real sinister part is the 'interfering with staff', which they can write up as anything they want. It is important that the public know what is going on because these conditions need to be exposed for what they are - policies that will only make it more difficult for people to earn good time, and will ultimately cause the prison population to grow because people will end up spending more time in prison.

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