Hunger Strike at Westville!

Resistance flares up in the IDOC once again. We've received word that a hunger strike has begun at Westville Correctional Facility in Westville, Indiana.

The demands of these inmates are much the same as the recently concluded and severely repressed hunger strike at Wabash Valley: insufficient and inedible meals, freezing cold temperatures, lack of access to commissary, etc.

Details of this strike are still coming in but all accounts are that it is ongoing meaning the inmates need immediate and consistent outside support.

Please Call:

Warden Mark Sevier (219) 785-2511
Commissioner Robert Carter | (317) 232-5711
Governor Eric Holcomb | (317) 232-4567

Sample Script:

"I am calling because I am aware that a number of inmates at the Westville Correctional Facility are on hunger strike protesting their inhumane conditions including lack of filling and nutritious meals as well as extremely cold temperatures and lack of access to basic necessities. I urge administration to meet these inmates demands"

Remember to report back and let us know how your calls go.

IDOC Watch