Call-In to Get Water Main at Westville Control Unit Fixed!

Please call Warden Sevier at Westville Correctional Facility and IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter Jr to demand that the water main on the WCU be fixed immediately. Please also demand that the search engines at the law library be fixed.

Warden Sevier: (219) 785-2511
Commissioner Carter: (317) 232-5711

Sample Script:

"Hello, I'm calling because it has been brought to my attention that the water main at Westville Control Unit has broken and not been fixed, depriving inmates of access to clean water and effective plumbing which creates serious health hazards. Also, inmates are being prevented from using the law library due to defective search engines. Please fix these issues immediately."

From James Phillips #106333, at the Westville Control Unit:

"For the last 2 weeks I have not had running nor working water in my cell. They said the water main broke back here on WCU/unit and that’s why we’re having these problems. They also said that maintenance fixed and rectified the problem but yet and still we are having issues with our water. My toilet does not flush and there’s piss and shit in it because of that and because they won’t take me to the restroom. When they do turn the water back on the toilet still does not work nor is the sink water drinkable because it has rust or shit in it or both because it’s brown!!! Not all offenders are having the same problem as me but they are having issues with their water and plumbing in some kind of way. Sometimes they bring us bottled drinking water but its not enough because we will only get a 16 oz bottle twice a day if we even get water at all. We’ve had to fight just to get that!!! Conditions are harsh and horrible here and this violates our 8th amendment rights and our human rights. This also violates DOC policy. I have no way of washing my face, brushing my teeth, nor washing my hands after using the restroom and this is clearly unacceptable. They send maintenance workers to our unit and all they do is go behind our walls where plumbing pipes are and bang on them and then leave. They don’t even try to fix the problem they just try to put a band aid on the situation and move to the next issue!!! These issues are causing everyone to act out in desperation and dysfunction. Please call down here and tell the warden to fix my water issue or move me to a cell or place where I won’t have these issues. Please call central office as well and let them know what’s going on because as I said before; administration here at this facility are not trying to fix these issues they’re just trying to resolve them temporarily. They have also been indirectly denying our privilege and right to use the Law library by not fixing the search engine option which alleviates the entire point of going there to begin with. Please address this issue as well."

IDOC Watch