Retaliation & Intimidation Against Bro. Khalfani Malik Khadun at WVCF

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To whom it may concern:

Please consider this a formal complaint on behalf of Mr. Leonard McQuay, DOC #874304, regarding a serious and unconscionable violation of his right to access the courts and petition the courts for resolution of grievances for which there is no administrative remedy available.

Mr. McQuay is incarcerated at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF), and recently filed a civil lawsuit for violations of his rights, in which he named the Internal Affairs (IA) division as defendants due to the systematic and discriminatory harassment he has received at the hands of IA officers over a period of years. That harassment has intended to provoke Mr. McQuay so that he could be returned to solitary confinement, from which he was finally released in 2014 after being held for 25 years.

Today, 4/11/2019, in the early afternoon, Mr. McQuay experienced a blatant act of retaliation and intimidation for having filed his lawsuit, at the hands of WVCF IA officers Carpenter and Davis, who ransacked his cell, destroying his personal property and leaving his belongings like a pile of garbage on the floor of his cell. In the meantime, McQuay was subjected to an intense search of his person, involving dogs and metal detectors. When the officers found nothing, they claimed that the search had been a training drill. It was not a training drill - it was an intentional act of retaliation intended to intimidate Mr. McQuay out of proceeding with his lawsuit.

Please see to it that this incident is investigated and the officers responsible are reprimanded.


IDOC Watch

IDOC Watch