Call-In: Violations of IDOC Legal Mail Policy at New Castle Private Prison

Report from Aaron Isby-Israel on Violations of IDOC legal mail policy at New Castle Correctional Facility. The warden has instituted a policy wherein legal mail from people incarcerated there is only picked up on Fridays, seriously hampering access to the courts!

Please call the office of IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter Jr. to demand that the legal mail procedure be followed at New Castle Correctional Facility. Call (317) 232-5711

Sample Script: “Hello. I am calling because it has come to my attention that the New Castle Correctional Facility is violating DOC legal mail policy by only allowing the legal mail of people incarcerated there to be picked up and mailed on Fridays, which seriously undermines their Constitutional right to access the courts. Please see to it that this issue is fixed immediately, and that legal mail be picked up and mailed every day!”

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Aaron Isby