Aaron Isby-Israel: Report on the Early August Lockdown at Miami CF


We went on lockdown yesterday(8/6/19)! I was clueless why this lockdown was necessary, because there wasn't anything anyone in my housing unit (F-House) done to cause it? Today I looked on my tablet and i found out from a posted notice that we were locked down because some individual or individuals was getting high. This is an outrage! These officials have collectively punished US for some inmate indiscretions. All prisoners should not be punished for what a few inmates do, each person in here is an adult and it is not my or any other prisoners responsibility to babysit or to tell another grown man how to do their time in prison. I as well as any other responsible adult male in this prison can only give another man advice, not tell them how to live their life! It is very clear to me that  prison is an experimental laboratory. The administration here is using these types of measures to program prisoners into policing one another. Prisoners will eventually, blame other prisoners (not the prison officials), for their plight and forget about who is really responsible. These officials are engaging in a dangerous game, that will ultimately backfire! This practice of collective punishment is a serious International Human Rights violation and it has to be stopped!



Indiana State Health Codes, states: "No prisoner should be confined to their Cell more than 48 hours without a shower"! We have been on lockdown in F-House at this prison since tuesday without showers. some of us have not had a shower in four days.This is unacceptable! These conditions are inhumane in light of the fact no one in this housing unit committed any rule violation to justify this type of punitive measure. To make matters even more inhumane, we are double bunked in a cell that is designed for one person. These types of conditions is counterproductive and they serve no purpose other than to anger and instill hate in those who are being subjected to them. These abuses must be addressed. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

In Solidarity,



I am not sure if the entire prison population here is under lockdown, but, my housing unit (F-House) is still experiencing the lockdown. When it will end I don't have a clue. As for the reasons for these lockdowns, i have come to the conclusion that those who run this prison are using these types of measures not so much to condition prisoners to get use to 23/1 confinement. These lockdowns are more geared on conditioning prisoners here to turn on each other. This prison is more of a testing site for ideals of social control and psychological brainwashing that IDOC and Indiana politicians are contemplating on using against the larger sector of the Indiana population. What is going on here is very disturbing and I don't believe most these individuals really fully overstand what these officials are trying to accomplish.Prisoners here are being coached to police each other here in such a way psychologically they do not even see it happening. I have beared witness to inmates in unthinkable numbers carrying on prison guards’ duties against other prisoners since I been here. I have never seen this level of programming in the entire time I have been in prison. These lockdowns are coercion and a way to break prisoners and turn them into agents and force prisoners to be more willing to work for and work with our captors!



The lockdown continues? Our cells were ransacked, at wee hours between 12a.m. and 4a.m., guards came in our housing unit (F-house), bent on provocation. Prisoners’ personal belongings such as hygiene, headphones, etc, was taken. Their legal papers were thrown over their cells, it didn't make sense why staff was bent on provoking ones. It appeared to me this entire lockdown was not really about what those who run the administration here tried to claim in the beginning.The actions of some of the guards reflect a personal animus and that they are using these measures to provoke selective prisoners who they do not like. They are back with the medical staff and guards, it is 9:35a.m. (8/12/19). Will keep you updated.



The lockdown is still in place. It is becoming obvious this lockdown is bogus. We have not been out doors for recreation for a week and been on 24 hour cell confinement.They have turned off the hot water and turned up the air conditioner in the cells. this is no accident. They did allow some of the prisoners who work in those sweat(slave)shops for PEN PRODUCTS, go to work today. I guess PEN PRODUCTS is not going to allow this warden William Hyatte mess with their money and this lockdown is most definitely costing PEN money by affecting the cheap labor forces that PEN Industries are exploiting (prisoners) in here. We was falsely told that our lockdown would end after the shake down yesterday, but, that has not happened. I have missed a week of school and this lockdown is pushing me further behind in my business tech class. I believe that this lockdown is just an excuse by these officials to carry out their personal animus against prisoners they do not like.the petty nature of these officials has only been revealing in the notices they are posting on these tablets, they went from this lockdown being about prisoners getting high, to telling US that there was issues about prisoners having stuff on their cell windows, etc ,this didn't make much sense and it just showed me that this lockdown is not valid. Why would we be lockdown for having paper in the cell window or have too much stuff, etc. This is outrageous! Here we go again, i feel like i am back in solitary.


Miami Correctional Facility, Bunker Hill, IN

Miami Correctional Facility, Bunker Hill, IN

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