Abu Faheem Shabazz: Corruption, Brutality, and Inhumane Conditions at Indiana State Prison and Westville CF L. 2

Below you can listen to a recent report provided to us by our comrade Abu Faheem Shabazz on corruption in the disciplinary hearing process and brutality by guards at Indiana State Prison. He specifically discusses the recent murder by guards of Benjamin H. Lee, which the guards blamed on K2 but was actually the result of the guards’ brutality, specific instances of corruption in the disciplinary hearing process being used to target transgender inmates, and the quota of ‘guilty’ and ‘not-guilty’ findings that predetermines the outcome of the disciplinary hearing process in most instances. At Westville now, Faheem discusses the disgusting and inhumane conditions that inmates are being subjected to, in terms of heat in the prison, contaminated drinking water, and unsanitary conditions. Faheem has suffered serious health problems as a result of these issues.

You can contact Abu Faheem Shabazz at web.connectnetwork.com by looking up Jerry Smith #129911, or by mail at Jerry Smith #129911, Westville CF, 5501 S 1100 W, Westville, IN, 46391.

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