Incarcerated Indianapolis Trans Leader Zaniya James on Conditions in Marion County Jail

I've been dealing with the adult judicial system since I was 18. Marion county jail is the worst place to do county time at. The living conditions are disgusting. There is urine and the stench of it all over the jail. The toilets in the cell are on a flush timer that allows us to flush twice a hour, which leaves feces and urine in the toilet for a hour if the toilet has been flushed twice already.

The deputy staff are very disrespectful and violent just because they can be and won't necessarily have a legitimate reason and make using excessive physical force a sport amongst their staff.

Only about 5 out of the 20 cells in a block have hot water which is the same water that we use to make our ramen noodles and things purchased from commissary and if your cell doesn’t have water you are basically using cold water making cold food. Which sucks because 9 times outta 10 the trays that are delivered be cold as well.

The nursing staff don't give out all medicine prescribed by a doctor on the streets. They won't give me my estrogen shot despite me needing it. Their sister jail [Marion County Jail 2] claims they have a contract that doesn't allow them to house transgender or people who identify as female, even though their sister jail [run by] Core civic is more safer to be in when being trans or out, they won't allow us to be in that jail.

There are roaches, rats and mice all around Marion County Jail 1. It is just really trifling and there's nothing we can do about it .

Please contribute to Zaniya’s support fund by clicking here! She is facing 75 days in Marion County Jail 1, and needs support while inside as well as to get back on her feet when she is released.

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