LOTO: Life On The Outside


LOTO: Mutual Aid and Defense Group for Loved Ones of Individuals Living on the Inside

We are in the process of organizing a group for people living in or around Indianapolis who have loved ones incarcerated in prisons across the state. This group would serve as an opportunity for people to:

  • exchange stories and support related to their loved one’s incarceration,

  • learn more about the systems of oppression and political circumstances that impact people in American prisons, and

  • invest in, grow, and build themselves, their fellow group members, and their loved ones and communities inside and outside.

If you are interested in helping us form this group, or would like to be a part of it when it starts in early 2019, please email us (idocwatch+loto@gmail.com), or fill out the short survey we have about the group.

You can fill out the survey in the window below, or complete the same survey on Google Forms if you are using a mobile phone.