Phone Zap: Angaza Iman Bahar on Hunger Strike at Miami CF after Being Attacked for Resisting Restricted Movement

At Miami Correctional Facility, founder of IDOC Watch and long-term prison rebel Angaza Iman Bahar is under attack again! The unit where he is held was recently placed on long-term restrictive movement status after an incident involving only a few of the people on the unit. A similar lock down occurred around this time last summer. Then, Angaza analyzed that the prison authorities at Miami and across the DOC system are attempting to enforce the most intense restrictions possible whenever they have the opportunity, in order to control the prison population as their access to resources and programs is increasing restricted and violence increases in the prisons due to the scarcity incarcerated people face.

In the face of the plan to impose restricted movement on the unit where he’s housed, Angaza stood up and informed officers that he wouldn’t accept their mistreatment. He stood up to the authorities’ abuse despite only recently being released from solitary confinement after having been attacked by guards last fall, and despite his release date being less than a year away after spending 26 years incarcerated. Indeed, the last six years that Angaza has been incarcerated, he has been serving credit time lost to conduct reports for speaking out against abuses by the authorities.

That night, a couple of racist guards came to the cell Angaza is in and sprayed a whole can of OC spray into the cell through the food slot in the cell door. Angaza and his cell mate, who had absolutely nothing to do with the situation, were both sleeping and awoke choking on the harsh, toxic fumes.

Angaza has announced that he will be on hunger strike until these abuses are remedied.

Please call Miami CF Warden William Hyatte and IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter and demand that Angaza be moved to a different unit, and that the guards who attacked him be fired immediately!

Warden Hyatte: (765) 689-8920

Commissioner Carter: (317) 232-5711

Sample Script: “Hello, I am calling on behalf of Jimmy Jones #891782, who was attacked along with his cell mate in cell L-113 at Miami Correctional Facility by two guards. Without any justifiable reason, the guards sprayed a whole can of OC spray into cell L-113 through the food slot during their night shift while Jones and his cellmate were asleep. Obviously such an act is extremely dangerous and could have killed or seriously harmed the cell’s occupants. I demand that the officers who attacked Jones and his cellmate be fired, and that Jones be transferred off that unit immediately!”

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